Simple Instagram Visibility Strategies: Getting More Views

Simple Instagram Visibility Strategies: Getting More Views

As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram requires effort and patience from individuals and brands looking to succeed. However, not every person or company is willing to spend months or years working to become popular on IG.

To be successful on the app, you need your content to be visible. As more and more people see what you post, they’ll have their first chance to get to know you and follow your account. Even more importantly, getting widespread exposure can trigger massive growth on Instagram. Here’s how.

The platform’s most popular videos and photos are awarded the largest audiences, so as your fan base grows, your visibility will continue to increase. That’s how influencers become so popular on Instagram, and smaller accounts can take advantage of the same growth curve.

The big question, then, is how do you get the process started and become more visible to other users and the Insta algorithms that award exposure? There are several different strategies you can use to get things rolling; here are three you can try.

Switch to Video Content

Content is hard to create, but producing video content is harder than taking photos simply because of all the planning and time required to shoot and edit video. One thing that helps an Instagram account stand out is the quality of content on the page. It’s worth the effort, though. IG users are more likely to be attracted to an account that posts a lot of videos, and some believe the system’s algorithms favor videos over still image content.

That’s backed up by research. Hubspot found that the content that accumulates massive numbers of views is all video, especially vids that are less than one minute in length. So if you regularly post photos to your Instagram account, switch to video. You should see your views increasing rapidly and substantially.

That doesn’t mean just hitting “record” on your phone and uploading whatever you happen to shoot. Take time to think through your videos before recording them, make sure the video quality is as good as you can make it, and carefully edit the footage for maximum impact. You wouldn’t want to watch a shaky, hard-to-understand video clip. Neither would your prospective audience. High-quality video is what will boost your views on Instagram.

Join an Engagement Pod

If you think creating video content is too much work, consider joining an engagement pod. Engagement pods are social groups where everyone agrees to comment, like, or view posts from each other. This is a little-known but long-standing approach to social media growth that’s been around for quite a while and is still quite effective.

People who know about pods for engagement use them to drive reach and engagement to their Instagram profiles, driving up views for their content. Active engagement pods are easier to find on Whatsapp or Telegram, but if you can’t find one on Instagram, try starting your own. It may not drive your views sky-high, but it should definitely help.

Buying Real Instagram Views for Visibility

There’s a method for boosting views that requires even less work than joining an engagement pod, and it provides far superior results. Buying real Instagram views for your posts is the best strategy for fast and effective visibility on the app.

Do you remember from our introduction that Instagram awards exposure based on your popularity? That’s exactly the benefit that buying IG views delivers. Once your purchased views arrive, the algorithms will think that your posts are being watched by lots of people – meaning they’re becoming more popular in Instagram’s eyes.

The system responds by increasing the audience for your content, and you’ll see a surge in your posts’ visibility. Before you know it, your view count will soar and your follower count will grow rapidly. That’s what every user really wants: organic growth for their Instagram presence, leading to real popularity and importance on the platform.

There’s only one potential danger of buying Instagram views. If you purchase them from the wrong website, you could wind up receiving what are known as “fake” views created by bots. They don’t represent a real person watching your content, and the system detects them almost immediately. They’ll be removed from your posts, they won’t provide any extra visibility, and you could see your account penalized or deleted for using them.

Only use reputable Instagram services. They supply “real” IG views, which come from real people with real Insta accounts. They’ll do exactly what we’ve described, increasing both your view count and the audience you receive for your content. And your Instagram account will be headed toward superstar status before you know it.

One last thing about buying views: it’s surprisingly inexpensive. There’s no better way to build an IG account.

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